Batam to Open A New Immigration Checkpoint on Nirup Island

Batam to Open A New Immigration Checkpoint on Nirup Island


Batam, Batamnews - The government plans to open an Immigration Checkpoint or TPI in the tourist destination of Nirup Island, Batam, Riau Islands. Immigration checks at this place are more strategic because they are close to Singapore.

Head of the Immigration Division of the Riau Islands Legal and Human Rights Regional Office, Friece Sumolang said that the authority that decided the TPI point was the Directorate General of Immigration, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

"This is part of our service in providing support on Nirup Island as a tourist destination," said Friece while reviewing the TPI construction site in Batam, last Thursday (12/8/2021).

In Batam, there are several TPI, both at the port and airport. TPIs at ports include Batam Center, Batu Ampar, Citra Tri Tunas, Kabil, Nongsa Maritime Terminal, and Sekupang. Meanwhile, the TPI at the airport is at Hang Nadim Airport.

Tourists from Singapore who want to go to Nirup Island generally take fast boats or yachts. They underwent an inspection at the TPI Sekupang Harbor and then traveled again to Nirup Island. Friece explained, if there is a TPI on Nirup Island, then foreign tourists do not need to turn back or stop at another international port to undergo immigration checks.

Nirup Island is located in the District of Belakangpadang and directly near Singapore. On Nirup Island there is already a Class II Immigration Office, but it is not a gateway for checking foreign tourists. Head of the Immigration Office Class II, Wahyu Gumilang, said that a complete Customs, Immigration, Quarantine, and Port or CIQP service will soon be available on Nirup Island.

"This is a special port, Singaporean citizens can dock here and the CIQP is complete," said Wahyu. The TPI on Nirup Island is planned to operate from mid-2022. He hopes that the immigration check facility for foreign tourists on Nirup Island can have a domino effect on tourism and the economy of the surrounding community.

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