Health Office to Stop Walk-in Mass Vaccination in Batam to Avoid Crowds

Residents huddle in line for free vaccinations at Mega Mall Batam. (Photo: Yude/Batamnews)

Batam, Batamnews - The Covid-19 vaccination activity which was carried out at Mega Mall caused a crowd on Thursday (17/6/2021).

Head of the Batam Health Office (Dinkes), Didi Kusmarjadi said the number of vaccines given was 700 doses.

"The number of vaccines is also not much, the officers are also not many, so they cannot accommodate all of them," said Didi.

However, with the crowd, his party has issued a policy so that there will be no more walk-in Covid-19 vaccinations (directly on the spot), except at the Temenggung Abdul Jamal GOR, Mukakuning.

"Tomorrow there will also be in Riau Islands Mal, there are 700 doses, I have asked to be postponed," he said.

Instead, the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination will be maximized at the Puskesmas. With the provisions, the public must register themselves through the link provided.

"So if the quota is only 300 people, you have to register first, if you have 300 people per day, then continue tomorrow," he said.

Didi explained that the implementation of vaccination was only held at the puskesmas, because it took into account the readiness of the vaccinator and the order in which the vaccine was recorded.

Because previously, vaccines had been distributed to hospitals and clinics, but there were problems in terms of administrative records.