Ahead of Eid, 8 Corona Positive Patients in Batam Died


Batam, Batamnews - The day before Lebaran, the new Covid-19 case in Batam City, Riau Islands is still worrying. The death rate for Corona-positive patients increased by 8 people.

Data from the Batam City Covid-19 Cluster Team as of Tuesday (11/5/2021) released 24 new cases consisting of 4 symptomatic cases and 20 asymptomatic cases.

The accumulation of positive Corona is now 7,754 cases with 638 active cases.

Meanwhile, the patients recovering daily skyrocketed there were 109 people. The cure rate has now increased to 89.58 percent or 6,946 people.

However, the unfortunate news is that the number of patients who died has increased by 8 people and brings the number of deaths to 170 or 2.19 percent.

The high number of recovered patients still hasn't changed the 'face' of the spread of Corona in Batam. The red zone is still perched in 9 sub-districts on Batam Island.

The red zone sub-districts include Batam Kota, Nongsa, Sagulung, Sei Beduk, Lubuk Baja, Bengkong, Batuampar, Sekupang and Batuaji.

Meanwhile, one sub-district, Rearpadang, is still in the orange zone status.

Bulang Subdistrict has returned to the yellow zone and Galang is still in the green zone status.


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