Government Prepares Subsidized Ships to Return Indonesian Migrant Workers

The Indonesian Minister of Transportation (Menhub), Budi Karya Sumadi.

Batam, Batamnews - The Indonesian Minister of Transportation (Menhub), Budi Karya Sumadi visited Batam Center international port, Batam, Riau Islands, last Saturday (1/5/2021).

The visit was related to the process of returning Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) to their homeland via Batam.

Budi said the process of repatriating PMI this time was tougher because the number of PMIs had increased. Moreover, the time was before the government will impose a ban on going home.

The Ministry of Transportation has agreed on connectivity for PMIs who return to their hometowns during the prohibited period of going home.

"Those who have the ability (middle and upper) can use an airplane with scheduled destinations," Budi said after monitoring PMI's return to Batam.

Then for those who can only use ships, his party will assign subsidized ships.

Regarding the type of vessel and its capacity, Budi said that he would announce this in the next few days. "(Ship) has a good capacity," he said.

Meanwhile, Danrem 033/WP Brigadier General Jimmy Ramoz Manalu said the ships from the Ministry of Transportation for PMIs were ships from Pelni.

In the future, his party will prepare a schedule for PMI's return to their respective regions of origin. "The day of implementation will be determined by him (Menhub)," he said.

Regarding PMI's return from Malaysia and Singapore during the period of the homecoming ban, Jimmy explained that the ship is still operating.