More Than a Year Into COVID-19 Pandemic, Hotels in Batam Stop Operating

More Than a Year Into COVID-19 Pandemic, Hotels in Batam Stop Operating


Batam, Batamnews - A year into the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic sector in Batam, the Islands has not yet recovered. One of the sectors affected is hospitality.

Lack of tourists and declining occupancy rates have made some hotels in Batam stopped operating. This bitter step was taken to evade losses.

The Batam Manpower Office (Disnaker) said the two hotels that were closed were the Nagoya Plaza and Evitel which were located in the Nagoya area.

The Head of Batam Manpower Office, Rudi Sakyakirti, said that the two hotels had laid off their employees.

"For Hotel Evitel there is no more problem, but for the Hotel Nagoya Plaza it is still not finished," said Rudi, Tuesday (16/3/2021).

He admitted that previously his party had invited management and employees to mediate between the employees and management.

From the results of the mediation, it is known that the company and employees have agreed and signed a collective agreement. Their agreement includes that the management promised to pay the severance in December last year.

"But it has not been paid until now. There are about 40 employees," he said.

Apart from the two hotels, Rudi said that until now, other companies are still running normally. Some of them are also recruiting new employees.


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