Recovered of Covid, This Elderly From Bintan Only Needs 11 Days of Isolation at Home


Bintan - A 62 year old woman in Kijang, Bintan was declared cured of Covid. She only underwent 11 days of independent isolation at her house in Kampung Kolong Enam, RT 001/002, Kijang Kota Kelurahan, Bintan Regency.

The head of the Bintan Health Office, Gama Isnaeni, revealed that NS was Patient 207. The results of the two swabs came out on Saturday (7/11/2020) consecutively tested negative.

"Yes, the mother has recovered from Corona. Meanwhile, her children are still isolated," said Gama, Sunday (11/8/2020).

NS contracted from her 26-year-old NSM son. Meanwhile, NSM itself is infected from patients outside the region because they have a history of travel from Batam.

They experience several symptoms such as coughing, headaches, and weakness. During the health check at the Kijang Health Center, both throat and nose swabs were taken and then checked through Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

"On October 28, 2020, both of them are tested positive for Covid-19. Her mother was designated as the 207 case-patient and her son the case 208. Both of them conducted isolation independently at home," said Gama.

The total number of patients who have recovered from the coronavirus is 198 out of a total of 221 confirmed cases. Meanwhile, 5 patients have died.

"So there are still 18 people (Bintan patients) who are still isolated for healing from this coronavirus," said Gama.