Nurse of Natuna Hospital who is Positive for Covid Loses the Sense of Smell


Natuna - LP, one of the nurses in the UGD section of the Natuna Hospital was confirmed positive for Covid-19. The results of the swab examination tested with the PCR tool at the BTKL PP Batam, came out today, Monday (2/11/2020).

The spokesman for the Natuna Covid-19 Task Force, Hikmat Aliansyah, said that the condition of the LP was in stable condition. It's just that she experienced health problems in the form of loss of sense of smell function.

"The person concerned has no history of leaving the area and is currently in a stable condition. She has lost the function of his sense of smell," said Hikmat.

The RSUD and UGD poly services were temporarily closed and transferred to the Indonesian Air Force Hospital (AURI). The Gugas Team performed tracing, and visitors to the RSUD are limited.

The emergency room will also be sterilized, to anticipate the transmission of Covid to other officers.

In Natuna Regency, there have been 2 positive cases of Covid19. One case number 01 was recorded as dead.


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