Aesler Group to Build A Data Center in Batam

Aesler Group to Build A Data Center in Batam

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Jakarta, Batamnews - PT Aesler Grup Internasional Tbk and Huawei Digital Power signed an agreement on Monday, December 13, 2021, to build a data center with a capacity of 88 MegaWatt MegaDevelopment.

Citing information disclosure to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Tuesday (12/21/2021), the Aesler Data Center will be built in a series of EcoGreen-Interconnected data centers throughout Indonesia called AESLER-GREENIX.

The AESLER-GREENIX Mark 1 will be established in the heart of Batam, 45 minutes from Singapore to become a digital bridge for international digital trade for Indonesia.

PT Aesler Grup Internasional Tbk cooperates with Huawei Green Data Center Technology using prefabricated technology and the latest artificial intelligent control system that will help transform Indonesia into the era of digital technology.

"Green Movement by AESLER-GREENIX is committed to reducing power consumption and carbon footprint as well as maximizing renewable energy and maintaining sustainable construction using recycled materials and ultimately setting the benchmark for environmentally friendly development," wrote Jang Rony, President Director of PT Aesler Grup Internasional Tbk. Juwono in information disclosure on the IDX.

He said, with a focus on eco and green energy for data center development, the company committed to becoming the largest green technology data center provider to welcome the Indonesia 5.0 digital era.

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