BP Batam Targets 2022’s Revenue of IDR 1 Trillion

BP Batam Targets 2022’s Revenue of IDR 1 Trillion

Batuampar Port, Batam.

Batam, Batamnews - Although still in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the Batam Business Administration (BP) targets a fairly high income from the Business Sector. The target for 2022 is IDR 1.39 trillion.

This was conveyed by the Head of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi when holding a Work Meeting on Evaluation of the Progress of Activities and Revenues for 2021, Preparation of Activity Plans and Budgets for 2022, and Revenue Targets for 2022, last Thursday (30/9/2021), at Harris Resort Barelang.

The revenue target for work units under Members of the Business Sector in 2022 is almost Rp 1.39 trillion. According to Rudi, the target is quite high.

"Of the total budget allocation ceiling that has been approved by Commission VI of the DPR RI of Rp 2.27 trillion, two-thirds are under the command of members of the Business Sector. Therefore, I entrust it to the Directors of Business Entities so that we can achieve this target optimally," he said.

Deputy Head of BP Batam, Purwiyanto said, following the Letter of the Ministry of Finance Number S-99/AG.7/2021 dated August 24, 2021, BP Batam's PNBP revenue target increased by Rp. 49.90 billion. The plan will be optimized for improving clean water services.

"In the meantime, we will optimize the budget for the Batam Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM). Meanwhile, BP Batam's achievements during January to August 2021 are 20 percent higher year-on-year than 2020," said Purwiyanto.

However, with the remaining time, he is optimistic that BP Batam's achievements by the end of 2021 will escalate to 35 percent.

"There is still a process of completing SPAM until the end of the year with additional revenue in 2021 worth IDR 300 billion. This will increase BP Batam's achievements by 15 percent. So overall, BP Batam's total revenue achievement is projected at 35 percent," he said.

The activity is scheduled for three days. Starting from Thursday-Saturday. The focus of the discussion is divided into three parts.

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