As Port Licensing Is Now Handled by BP Batam, Entrepreneur Find It Easier and Faster to Apply

As Port Licensing Is Now Handled by BP Batam, Entrepreneur Find It Easier and Faster to Apply


Batam, Batamnews - BP Batam has officially handled several port permits following the issuance of PP 41 of 2021 for the Port Sector. Previously, the permit licensing was handled by the Ministry of Transportation.

Several maritime associations welcomed this as good news. Moreover, before this, the process of obtaining permits and documents in the port sector was quite complicated and ineffective.

Especially very important, regarding the management of ship licensing online. Employers find it very helpful for the new policy. Including the matter of managing online documents as well as customs and loading and unloading permits at ports which have changed a lot.

Osman explained that all this time, since several years ago, INSA had voiced counterproductive regulations in the port sector in Batam.

Starting from old licenses to double tariffs.

"But today everything can be resolved, it's no longer there. Now it's a matter of hours to process permits, not days or months," said Osman.

Osman said that INSA had submitted eight complaints regarding ports in Batam. Some of them are answered in PP 41 of 2021.

The chairman of INSA, Osman Hsyim, also welcomed it. Even the government regulation raises optimism for the maritime and port world.

"Batam's main economic wheel is maritime. From here alone, the potential that we calculate can reach Rp 1 trillion for the state if managed properly," said Osman.

Currently, there are about 54 thousand ship visits counted every year. However, it has recently declined due to the low confidence of outsiders in the regulations in Batam.

"But now the future will be excited again," said Osman. Moreover, Batam's strategic location which is located in four corners is very possible to be a destination for ships docking and transiting, and repairing.


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