A Bintan Fisherman Has Lost Contact After Being Detained by Malaysia Since 2020

A Bintan Fisherman Has Lost Contact After Being Detained by Malaysia Since 2020

Pendi, Bintan fishermen lost contact after being detained by Malaysia.

Bintan, Batamnews - A fisherman from Bintan Regency, Riau Islands (Kepri), has reportedly been detained by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM). The fisherman is Pendi (44) from Mantang Lama Village, RT 002/RW 003, Mantang District.

The fisherman has been detained in Johor, Malaysia since last September 2020. He was detained by APMM because the ship he was on was damaged and the engine died and drifted into Malaysian waters. Until now the fishermen have not returned to their homeland.

Chairman of the Branch Management Board (DPC) of the Indonesian Traditional Fishermen Group (KNTI) Bintan Pesisir (Binsir), Umar Husen said that according to information from the victim's family, namely Pendi's wife, due to the ship accidentally entering Malaysian waters, the victim was immediately arrested.

"The victim has undergone a trial and was sentenced to five months in prison," Umar said yesterday.

If the sentence is five months, then the victim should have been released since July 2021. However, until this August there has been no news. The family asked the government to seek information on the location of her husband.

"The victim was sentenced until July, but it's already August, there is no news," he said.

Actually, at the time of the incident, the victim was with his sister Gani. The victim is a tekong and his brother is ABK. However, his sister was sent back to Indonesia while the victim had to undergo trial and punishment.

The family is starting to get restless because they don't have news of the victim anymore. They even lost contact with the management in Malaysia.

"Hopefully the victims will be found soon and return to their hometowns. We also ask for the government's role in protecting the fate of fishermen like this," he said.

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