Regent of Karimun Does Not Require Citizens to Take Genose and Antigen


Karimun, Batamnews - The Regent of Karimun, Aunur Rafiq, gives leeway to his citizens who travel by sea transportation between islands.

Residents only need to have a health certificate and identity and purpose.

Rafiq said that the district government did not want to burden the community, but he emphasized that residents still have to obey existing health protocols and procedures.

For those who want to enter Karimun Regency from other cities, they must follow strict conditions.

"Requirements and documents must be complete, do not just carelessly, even if we ease the requirements, whether entering from Karimun Port, Tanjungbatu and others," said Rafiq.

The officer can ask the passenger to return if the travel conditions are deemed inappropriate.

"We will return to the area of ​​origin using the next ship if we do not carry conditions such as a medical certificate, identity, and unclear destination," said Rafiq.

His party has prepared a junior high school in Tebing as a quarantine location for passengers who do not meet the requirements. "If we arrive via the last ship that day (cannot return), we ask to enter quarantine at Tebing Junior High School," he said.