Industry Sector That Contributes The Highest Export-Import in Batam

Industry Sector That Contributes The Highest Export-Import in Batam

Batuampar Port, Batam.

Batam, Batamnews - The export and import sector in Batam, Riau Islands (Kepri) has continued to increase from 2020 until this year.

The slowing down of Covid-19 cases and the decline in the status of PPKM have made the economic sector in Batam continue to show a positive trend, including in terms of exports and imports.

The highest contributing commodity in terms of export-import is still dominated by the industrial sector. Year on year (y-o-y) or month to month (m-t-m) experienced a significant increase.

"Yes, that's right. The export-import sector has continued to develop since the beginning," said Head of the Batam City Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Rahmad Iswanto, some time ago.

Based on data from BPS through the development of the trade balance, from January to August 2021, Batam has imported US$ 6,958.89.

Meanwhile, exports were higher than imports, amounting to US$7,268.33.

Exports from August 2020 to August this year increased by 17.14 percent.

Export-import that continues to be consistent is in the industrial sector, with an average percentage of more than 85 percent. From January to August 2021 the industrial sector has contributed 88.86 percent to exports. Then 97.41 percent for imports.