Tons of B3 Waste from Singapore Are Often Dumped in Batam Waters

KSOP Batam officers secure a Singapore-flagged KM Cramoil Oil ship. (Photo: Edo/Batamnews)

Batam, Batamnews - Patrol of the Port Authority and Port Authority (KSOP) specifically for Batam, secured a Singapore-flagged ship carrying 20 tons of B3 waste.

The waste is rumored to be disposed of in Batam waters.

The ship named KM Cramoil Oil was taken into custody when it entered the waters of Batam, Riau Islands Province in mid-June 2021. The investigation process was carried out by KSOP which released this case, Friday (16/7/2021).

This arrest started from the suspicion of officers who saw foreign ships entering illegally and performing maneuvers. When arrested, there was 1 captain and 3 crew members (ABK).

After further inspection, it was discovered that KM Cramoil Oli was carrying hazardous and toxic waste (B3) from Singapore.

Then, the KSOP officer asked the ship's captain to show the completeness of the documents. However, the captain did not have complete documents for the dangerous goods.

"During the inspection, the ship named KM Cramoil Oil's hull was found carrying 20 tons of B3 waste from Singapore," said the Head of Batam Special KSOP, Mugem Sartoto, via Zoom, Thursday (15/7/2021).

It is known, before entering the waters of Batam, the ship had circled in the waters of the Out Port Limited (OPL) of the state border, approximately three days.

It is suspected that the B3 waste brought by KM Cramoil Oil from Singapore will be illegally disposed of in Batam waters.

"The ship, in its porskeliris, stated null cargo (empty) or no cargo, but it turned out to be carrying waste. This made us suspicious and curious, so an inspection was carried out," he said.

The B3 waste, allegedly from a company in Singapore, will be disposed of in Batam Waters.

Meanwhile, as a result of the confession of the captain of the captured ship, these activities have been repeatedly carried out during 2021.

Where, the total B3 waste brought in from the start has reached 273 tons, to the border of OPL waters of Singapore and Batam.


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