Residents Find A Piece of Airplane Wing on Lagoi Beach

Residents found metal objects resembling airplane wings on the beach of Lagoi, Bintan. (Photo: Ary/batamnews)

Bintan - A metal object resembling an airplane wing was found by residents at Teluk Putri Beach, Club Med, Lagoi Tourism Area, Bintan Regency, Monday (25/1/2021).

Abdullah, the resident who discovered it for the first time, said that at that time he was cleaning the beach at the five-star resort.

"I was cleaning and found this object. It was around 08.30 WIB," he said.

PT BRC Operations Manager, Ahmad Yani, said that his party had checked the object. He made sure that the metal objects found were not only similar. However, it really was a wreck of an airplane wing.

"We have checked. The object is indeed at Club Med Beach. Meanwhile, this object is being secured at the Indonesian Navy Post in Lagoi," he said.

It is not yet known whether it was part of the plane that crashed. Currently the Army is investigating where the wing of the aircraft came from.


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