The Progress of the Batam International Circuit Plan Is Supported by Bamsoet

The Progress of the Batam International Circuit Plan Is Supported by Bamsoet

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Batam, Batamnews - The plan to build a racing circuit in the Nongsa botanical garden area, Batam, Riau Islands (Kepri) continues to roll fast and gets a positive response from various parties.

With the existence of an international circuit that can be used for F1 and MotoGP car racing, Batam will not only attract hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists but also generate foreign exchange up to trillions of rupiah.

"The location is strategic, close to Singapore and Malaysia, the Batam international circuit can even be projected to cooperate with the Singapore government for the F1 racing event," said H. Tinton Soeprapto, coordinator of the Batam international circuit construction, as reported by mobilinanews.

According to Haji Tinton, the construction of the Batam international circuit will not be as complicated and expensive as the MotoGP circuit in Mandalika, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, which only costs hundreds of billions of rupiah for compensation and land acquisition.

"This is because the circuit is a land owned by the Batam Government, in a botanical garden location such as the Monza (Italy) circuit and several other world-class circuits," continued Haji Tinton.

What makes Haji Tinton optimistic, because the Batam circuit plan is fully supported by Bambang Soesatyo as Chairman of the Central IMI and Chairman of the MPR-RI, and Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi who is also the Head of the Batam Concession Agency (formerly the Batam Authority).

"Mr. Bamsoet (Bambang Soesatyo's nickname) wants to create a legacy for the Indonesian automotive world. With the collaboration of Bamsoet and the Mayor of Batam, plus the Governor of the Riau Islands (Kepri) Ansar Ahmad, God willing, the Batam circuit will soon be realized," explained the creators of Sentul International. Circuit and the Central IMI Advisory Body.

Meanwhile, Anondo Eko as the Batam International Circuit Project Officer added that coordination with the Batam government stakeholders continues to be progressive, intensive, and constructive.


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