Positive Cases from August 14-22 in Batam Are 43 Percent Unvaccinated

Positive Cases from August 14-22 in Batam Are 43 Percent Unvaccinated


Batam, Batamnews - The Batam Covid-19 Task Force recorded 43.25% of positive cases that occurred from August 14 to August 22, 2021, were residents who had not been vaccinated. The number reached 170 cases.

While 33.3% of positive cases were recorded to have undergone stage 1 vaccination. The number was 131 cases. Meanwhile, only 23.4% of the cases were residents who had been vaccinated with doses 1 and 2, which accumulated 92 cases.

Monthly positive case findings have decreased significantly. The peak of case finding was in July 2021, which reached a record 9,651 cases. That number has fallen considerably since the implementation of PPKM until August 22, which is 2,018 cases. In June 2021 even the findings of 4,342 cases.

Meanwhile, the development of Covid cases as of August 22, currently there are 23 additional cases. Thus the number of active cases undergoing isolation and treatment is 378. The active case rate is 1.497%.

The decrease in the percentage of active cases is considered quite good, where in the last few months the percentage has reached 4% and above.

There are 4 additional cases of death on the 22nd of August, bringing the total number of Covid deaths in Batam to 787 cases or 3.116% of the total cases.

The current cumulative total of cases is 25,256 cases. Of that number 24,091 were cured cases (95.39%).

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