Isdianto`s Inauguration as Definitive Governor of the Riau Islands Is Issued Next Monday

Isdianto`s Inauguration as Definitive Governor of the Riau Islands Is Issued Next Monday

Acting Governor of Riau Islands, Isdianto.

Tanjungpinang - Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian has submitted a letter of proposal for the inauguration of Deputy Governor of the Riau Islands, Isdianto as Governor of the Riau Islands in 2016-2021 term to President Jokowi.

The letter of inauguration was signed by Tito Karnavian on July 7th, 2020.

According to the source, the contents of the letter included the rules and also the president's decision, related to the ratification of the dismissal of the former Riau Islands Governor Nurdin Basirun, and the inauguration of the new Riau Islands Governor's Acting Task Force for the 2016-2021 term.

The contents of the proposal for the appointment of the Deputy Governor as Governor of the Riau Islands were also based on Article 173 paragraph (3) letter c of Law No. 10 of 2016 and its derivative laws concerning the election of governors, regents, and mayors into law.

"In this case, the Provincial DPRD did not submit the proposal as referred to in paragraph (2) within 10 working days from the Governor's resignation, the President based on official's proposal endorsed the appointment of the deputy governor as governor based on the dismissal decision," said the source again.

He stressed, the letter did not include the exact date and time when the inauguration would take place.

However, the inauguration ceremony was informed by the Presidential Protocol at the Palace to the PR of the Riau Islands Provincial Government.

"Yes, for the inauguration ceremony, if there is no change in the schedule, it will take place on Monday (7/27/2020)," he said.

Tito Karnavian some time ago had a chance to say hello in a video conference by saying "Good morning Mr. Governor of the definitive Riau Islands"

This was said by Tito when opening an online meeting on the agenda for the Stimulation of the Implementation of the 2020 elections, through video conferencing.