Even If It’s Full, BP Batam Hospital Will Not Reject Patients

Even If It’s Full, BP Batam Hospital Will Not Reject Patients

BP Batam Hospital. (Photo" Reza/batamnews)

Batam, Batamnews - The surge in Covid-19 patients has filled a number of referral hospitals in Batam, Riau Islands. One of them is the Batam Business Administration Hospital (BP Batam Hospital).

On Tuesday (29/6/2021) night, the patient at the hospital could not even be accommodated and had to be treated temporarily in the lobby to get a treatment room.

From Batamnews monitoring at the Batam Hospital, Wednesday (30/6/2021), the Emergency Service Installation at the hospital returned to normal. A number of beds and wheelchairs have been prepared in the ER lobby.

RSBP Batam Public Relations Officer, Wawan revealed that currently there are 44 patients being treated in the Covid-19 Isolation Room.

"Our rooms are special in a separate building from general patients," said Wawan, Wednesday afternoon.

However, currently there are 52 beds available in the isolation room. It will increase according to government instructions, namely 30 percent of the overall capacity of beds in hospitals.

"Currently it's 52, so it will go to 30 percent of the 214 beds, which is about 64 beds that we have to prepare or 12 less beds to comply with government regulations," said Wawan.

The Batam RSBP will also maximize all medical devices and medical personnel, although the number cannot be explained in detail.

Wawan also said that until now there have been no obstacles to special medical treatment for Covid-19 patients.

He also emphasized that the Batam RSBP would not reject patients who came to the ER in accordance with hospital procedures.

"Steps will be taken when a spike occurs, we will continue to carry out initial treatment without having to reject patients," he said.

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