A Donut Seller Triggers a New Sub-Cluster

A Donut Seller Triggers a New Sub-Cluster


Batam - A number of residents confirmed positive Covid-19, Tuesday (05/19/2020). Of the 13 new cases announced today by the Batam Covid-19 Task Force team, five were allegedly contracted from donut buying and selling activities in Seraya. From the available data, this local transmission was allegedly from Case 50.

They are Cases 68, 69, 71, 73 and 74. The five cases are close contact with Case 50.

Case 50 had the initial CK; female (61 years), a housewife who lives in Seraya, Batu Ampar.

Previously CK was allegedly infected from his niece SK; male (25 years). They and their families live together.

His nephew's SK was allegedly infected by a cluster of Tabligh congregation in Seraya. He was allegedly transmitted to his aunt CK.

SK, known to have prayed Tarawih in one of the mosques in the residential area in Kampung Seraya where some of his congregation had contact with SAA.

SK was declared positive on May 13 last. After that his aunt CK was also positive confirmed.

From here the team tracked anyone who closed contact with CK, conducted a rapid test and swab. The result 5 has been confirmed.

From this Tabligh congregation cluster, a new sub-cluster emerged, namely from CK, which has a donut-seller.

New cases confirmed today, Tuesday (5/19/2020) are none other than Cases 68, 69, 71, 73 and 74 closely related to CK (Case 50)

Cases 68, TM; male (49 years) and Case 69; NS; female (44 years). Both are a married couple whose address is in Seraya Housing, Seraya, Batu Ampar.

They have a staple food business and receive snacks from their neighbors.

One that entrusts sales of snacks (donuts) is CK, and they often had close contact.

Case 71,
NE; teenage girl (14 years old), a resident of Seraya. He often visits his friend's house which has now been confirmed as positive, where his friend has a close contact with CK to buy donuts.

Case 73
PDS; daughter (6 years), kindergarten student in Seraya. He admitted that before entering the month of Ramadan, he often met with CK to buy donuts.

Case 74,
IS; daughter (9 years old), elementary school student, resident of Seraya. He is the older brother of PDS (Case 73). Allegedly he contracted from PDS.

"So far their conditions are stable and do not feel any significant health problems, and currently isolation / quarantine care has been carried out to treat their health in the referral hospital of the Covid-19 Galang Hospital in Batam," said the Head of the Covid-19 Task Force Team. Batam, HM Rudi.

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