Japanese Businessman Involved in Fraud Case Deported from Batam

Japanese Businessman Involved in Fraud Case Deported from Batam

A number of journalists from Japan also covered the deportation process of a Japanese businessman involved in a fraud case (Photo: Batamnews)

Batam, Batamnews - On Tuesday, March 12, 2024, journalists from various Japanese media outlets gathered at the Ajat Sudrajat Hall of the Batam Immigration Office to witness the deportation process of Yusuke Yamazaki (43), a Japanese national who became an Interpol fugitive due to a fraud case with losses estimated at around 13.5 billion Yen.

Japanese media, including NHK Television, TBS, Asahi Simbun, and several other print media, showed great interest in the case that has become a highlight in Japan.

The Head of the Batam Immigration Office, Samuel Toba, and the Deputy Chief of Barelang Resort Police, AKBP Syafruddin Semidang Sakti, provided explanations to the attending journalists.

Yusuke Yamazaki, who used the alias Hajime, was scheduled to be deported at 12:00 PM local time through Hang Nadim Batam Airport and would continue his flight to Jakarta.

"Yusuke Yamazaki will be repatriated at 9:25 PM local time using a Japanese airline," said Samuel Toba.

AKBP Syafruddin Semidang Sakti revealed that Yamazaki's arrest stemmed from an operation targeting illegal Indonesian Migration Organizers (PMI). However, during the operation, Yamazaki was found without any documents and without money.

"Yamazaki was found using a pompong boat that was about to depart to the backfield, and this big case was uncovered," he added.

The fraud case involving Yusuke Yamazaki has attracted widespread attention, both in Indonesia and Japan. This deportation process has become a major focus of international media, given the significant losses caused by the fraud case.

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