Sex Toys Are Often Secured by Customs in Batam

Sex Toys Are Often Secured by Customs in Batam

Illustration. (Photo: via CNN Indonesia)

Batam, Batamnews - Apart from securing and monitoring the presence of illegal cigarettes and used clothes, Batam Customs and Excise (BC) also found other illegal goods. Among them are sex toys or sex aids.

It stands as evident from January to September 2021. There are hundreds of sex toys that have been secured by BC Batam.

Some time ago, BC Batam Head of Investigation and Investigation, Iwan Kurniawan said that his party managed to secure 139 items, including sex toys.

"From January to September, we have secured 139 items and sex toys," he said.

Until September, the total number of actions taken by BC Batam reached 375 Proof of Enforcement (SBP).

Then for September, there are 34 SBP. This figure proves that the prosecution of pornographic goods still dominates.

"Prevention of sex toys when crossing the border. Some of these items are also sent through a courier service company (PJT)," said Iwan.

Based on the data, sex toys are still the most prosecuted items this year.

The goods are included in the category of prohibited and/or restricted goods as stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 48/M-DAG/PER/7/2015 concerning General Provisions in the Import Sector.

In addition to sex toys, recently BC Batam has also succeeded in cracking down on the smuggling of excisable goods such as cigarettes and liquor.

The value is quite high, which is around Rp. 65.8 billion and has the potential to harm the state of up to Rp. 42.15 billion.


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